“Precision Cycle Tech” is a business case study for entrepreneurship, leadership, and management (enterpriship) using materials developed by The Business Leadership Development Corporation (BLD).  The case study is offered through BLD’s Center For Business Leadership Development. The enterpriship disciplines are of value to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, professionals, and the enterprises they serve.


The case study features a retail business with related manufacturing, distribution, and service lines.  The case study makes comparisons to other industries, such as food service, furniture makers, and professional services.  Materials for the case study may be found at BLD’s etail site: etailia.com.


Precision Cycle Tech is organized as a limited liability company owned by TechKnowPartners, LLC.  The case study is used by Pro-12.com, which is an active professional services provider that focuses on business planning, organization, and administration, and internet marketing.  Pro-12 is a subsidiary of TechKnowPartners, LLC.

For more information about how to obtain the business case study and the related education, please contact us.

For more information about Pro-12’s professional services, visit Pro-12.com

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